Flash Drives

I had to empty the kids flash drives last week since they were so jammed full of their work and pictures of them for you!  We have lots more pictures coming home in the next few weeks of closing activities and projects!  I hope you were able to save any pictures or works to your home computers!  These drives have worked out great and the kids love to put their work on their drives to take home to show you!

Remember, anytime you see the neon orange paper that says "Look At Me" in their folder with the pictures of the drive make sure to check their baggie and look at their work.  From what I gather the kids have gotten pretty good at telling you when to look at their drive or what not.

I will do my best to send the home over the next few weeks, but we will be loading them with goodies, so you might not get them until close to the end of the year!  I apologize in advance for my slackness! :-)  End of the year is such chaos!