Individual Skills

You know your kids code name! :-)

Tiger-  continue to work on money identification and its value.  Most particularly we are mixing up dime and quarter. 

Monkey-  continue to work on writing their high frequency words for this month and hearing initial and final sounds in words. 

Elephant-  continue to work on tracking skills and getting him to follow the object you!   His vocabulary development is doing well and every day we are adding more and more words to our bank!

Giraffe-  Work on staying on tasks and remaining on task without needing prompts for a duration of 6 minutes.  Continue to use that workbook I sent home, I know it is easy but to get her to finish the work we need to start with mastered stuff and then progress to the harder things.

Lion and Zebra-  Addition!! Simple problems that add up to no more than 15 right now, remember we are doing our Touch Math protcol.  See the Math section for advice. :-)